He pae kōrero ka puta he kōrero, he pae ātea ka puta he wawata
A speaker's bench produces a narrative, an open horizon creates a vision
Pae Ātea is a new public gallery that is set to become a familiar touchpoint of considered design and whakaaro, platformed nationwide on JCDecaux digital billboards across our urban landscape.
Mō Pae Ātea
About Pae Ātea
Pae Ātea translates as ‘open horizon’. The name symbolises the creative freedom to express issues of identity and to celebrate connectivity – to one another, to a sense of place, and to our shared histories. Pae Ātea is a presentation of ideas, thoughts, and creative excellence. It is a curated programme, carefully considered to engage, challenge, and build a strengthened sense of individual and collective identity. Pae Ātea encourages a moment of pause and contemplation, encountered through pūrākau (iwi narratives), social histories, creative expression, and commentary. We are all bound by the environment we share, including the stories embedded in the land. Pae Ātea is an invitation for all of aotearoa to reconsider our connections to people and place, as a community of humans sharing a remote series of islands in the south pacific.
Mō Haumi
About Haumi
Established in 2015, Haumi has led, developed, and partnered on significant opportunities, both in Aotearoa and internationally. We focus our development processes to the specific needs of a kaupapa, ensuring alongside the elevation of Māori culture that we deliver transformative and sustainable value, whether personal, public, social, environmental or commercial. Each outcome is realised through creative process and is materialised holistically, underpinned by kōrero tuku iho and the inherent sophistication of ngā toi Māori. At Haumi, we challenge complacency and we innovate with ideas, materials and creative process. Above everything, we believe everything we do should strengthen our personal and collective identities to positively contribute to the wellbeing of future generations.
A kaupapa supported by JCDecaux
Concept and design by Haumi
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